10 Reasons to Start a Company

The Advantages of Being Driven

Today I'm going to offer some motivation to anyone who has pondered beginning their own company but has yet to get on it.

  1. You can be your own boss... and, let's face it, your present boss sucks!
  2. Creative Freedom
  3. Owning your own company offers a large degree of Self Gratification.
  4. Watching other successful moguls and entrepreneurs is inspiring.
  5. You can do it your way.
  6. You get to choose your own title. I prefer: 'Kaylee Walters, Entrepreneur'
  7. Because it's worth the effort. At least you can say you tried.
  8. Your in desperate need of something to be passionate about
  9. Deep down, everyone wants to own an island like Richard Branson.
  10. Because you can. Isn't that a good enough reason alone?

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