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20 Free & Open Source Image Galleries for Web Developers

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I found probably one of the most useful articles I have ever come across on CMD+SHIFT Design Blog, and I could not resist sharing it with you: 20 Free & Open Source Image Galleries for Web Designers.

I tested out a couple of the galleries mentioned as I was so excited, and they seem to work quite well. I especially like the Space Gallery which mimics the effect of Mac OSX's Time Machine feature. Another gallery I enjoyed was Hideslide. The Hideslide website offers quite a few pretty sweet lightbox manipulation features, although there is a small fee associated with its commercial use.

This article should definitely be bookmarked for future use. Enjoy!

UPDATE: I found another great article with 57+ (!) Free Image Gallery, Slideshow And Lightbox Solutions. It covers some of the same territory as CMD+Shift, but also expands on it quite a bit.

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