The New Beginning...

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

So today I decided to begin my first blog. After four years in the internet field, I think it is about time! After all, as a self-proclaimed 'web junkie,' I have come to realize that you really are no one on the web until you are a blogger (!).

Let's see if that's the case...

A little about me... I am a web developer in Charleston, SC. My fiance and I run a company known as TDG, or The Design Group, and it has been quite an experience to have this opportunity. We specialize in web design & development, graphic design, and photography. To view some of our work you can visit my personal portfolio website, www.kayleewalters.com. We are working on our new company website, but in the meantime we have been living with the (somewhat pathetic) website built in a huge hurry four years ago, available for viewing at www.thedesigngrouponline.com.

Kaylee, the webutante, mac fiend, web developer, graphic designer and dude the dog lover

My fiance and business partner, Brent, and I are getting married in Charleston on the thirtieth of April this year, and we are getting pretty excited about it. Today, we live together in Mount Pleasant, SC, with our adorable Pekingese, Dude, whom we hope will be able to join us as an honorary groomsman on our wedding day

Thats about all the action in our lives, although I'm sure it sounds pretty mundane. I guess only time will tell with this thing!

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