Free Photoshop Brush Resources

My Compilation of the Most Useful Resources for Photoshop Brushes

For designers using Photoshop, brushes are a hot necessity that simply can not be ignored. Because of their great utility, I gathered a few excellent resources websites that feature great Photoshop Brushes for you to download and use. Be sure to post a comment or Contact Me if you have any additions.

  1. As a full-on PS Brush resource website, PS Brushes is a useful tool for finding a wide variety of Photoshop brushes. With its frequently updated and carefully categorized brushes, PS Brushes offers everything from grunge brushes to around the house brushes.
  2. One of my favorite resource blogs, Noupe has pleased me again with their brush compilation 1000+ Free High Resolution Photoshop Brush Sets. Although the list is almost too lengthy to sift through (!), the distinct collections and high quality is enough to make any designer swoon.
  3. My Photoshop Brushes has a large selection of PS brushes that everyone will love. I personally had quite a bit of fun sifting through this brush repository - you can even follow their website on Twitter!
  4. Brusheezy is an excellent tool for locating the PS brushes you want or need. The clean and pure website displays brushes visually quite well, and makes it easy to determine whether the brush is what you are looking for. Their stock photo-esque website offers filters including category, PS version and sorting preferences, and even features a convenient 'Search' feature that sets this website apart from its competition.
  5. Photoshop Roadmap brings some great tools to the table in their collection of 100 Awesome High Resolution Photoshop Brushes. With just 100 to sift through, we are quickly directed to the best brush options which are displayed visually (similar to Brusheezy) allowing for easy browsing.
  6. Abiding by it's mantra of Free Quality Brushes for Photoshop, QBrushes is an excellent PS Brush resource. It's clean site design and variety of searching methods allow for a positive and beneficial user experience.
  7. Brush King is another great PS Brush resource website that I simply could not leave out of this post. While it's website is slightly busier than some, it still offers an aesthetic display of a wide range of brushes. It even features categorization and a search tool.
  8. Get Brushes offers a great collection of free Photoshop brushes for all to enjoy. What I liked about this website was the in-depth description details that include ratings, the number of brushes, and even the download size. It also features categorization labels for easier searching.
  9. For lighter brush versions (you may actually be on a strict time schedule), be sure to check out 50 Free Photoshop Brush Sets for Modern Design Trends by Six Revisions. Also, Techzilla's Free 40+ Photoshop brushes sets offers a couple great brushes I did not see anywhere else. For Gimp users: Techzilla also gathered Over 1400 Brushes for you!

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