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Combined Ideals

About a year and a half ago my current fiance and I were on our annual holiday vaca in Northern California, when we had the bright idea to head down to San Jose and explore the technology world a little bit. Of course our first stop, being the obsessive designers we are, was Adobe's headquarters. It was only a day or two before Christmas so most of the staff was out, but we managed to see a bit of how life functioned at the creative headquarters... that was before we were kicked out by security for being potential competition (we took a LOT of pictures)! So discreet, lol.

After our exploratory trip to Adobe and following an awesome Smashing Magazine article profiling the most Creative Workplaces, I had to come up with what I consider the 'ideal' work environment. I tried to be eclectic, modern and inspirational while maintaining functionality and structure. Check out the features of my creative utopia:

  • Color
  • Dimension
  • Space
  • Postmodernism
  • Technology
  • Comfort
  • Inspiration
  • Power
  • Fun
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