Down With IE6

Solving the Big Problems by Boycott

No offense to anyone who is reading this on the Internet Explorer 6 Browser, but IE6 truly characterizes all that is wrong with the web. But don't worry, it's not your fault - It's society's... Or Microsoft's... one or the other.

As one of the many means Bill Gates has used to torture web developer's souls (as we tend to lean towards Macs rather than bulky PC's), Internet Explorer 6 has become a time consuming distraction to the web development community. Which was why I was so stoked to see .net magazine's new website: Bring Down IE6 with the headline 'It's time to Unite' directly below it.

Chuckle as you may, IE6 is a catch 22 for developers, and something like this has been needed for quite some time. As a resource bank with tools to discourage the use of the dated browser, Bring Down IE6 can also be followed on Twitter or added to your groups on Facebook.

So, please support the cause, and Bring Down IE6 with us today!

Other Resources: (UPDATES!)

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