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I have been a blogging slacker lately, this I know. In an effort to make up for my undesirable behavior, I am posting a new collection of awesome Design and Development links for my readers. Apology Accepted?

Design Links

Development Links

More useful links covering SEO after the jump!

SEO Links
  • Seth's blog points out some important SEO facts and information on How to make money with SEO.
  • SEO Moz has outlined Google Search Engine Ranking Factors using a great hierarchy and a few useful charts and graphs.
  • For an awesome analysis of your website, check out Website Grader. This is an all-around informative SEO tool for analyzing your web pages from the bottom up and outlining ways to improve SEO on each page.
  • SEO Book gives us The Blogger's Guide to SEO, an outline of the essential SEO elements for bloggers.
  • The Web Designer Wall has gathered an all-important SEO Guide for designers. Outlined n this article are some fairly simple and still useful SEO tools and tricks to implement on your websites.
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