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After my partner and I needed to get a new office phone plan when The Design Group moved in to our new office, we did a lot of research before making a move. Because we didn't find too much information out there comparing the different options (other than through our local provider), I thought it would be important to share this information with you.

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Magic Jack was the ultimate winner of our phone challenge. Magic Jack is a USB drive and works by plugging the USB into your computer and subsequently plugging your phone into the magic jack. That's pretty much it. At $40 for your magic jack with your first year of service included - it is $20/year for the Magic Jack service (about $1.65/month) - this deal is incredibly hard to resist. One unfortunate issue- we somehow lost our magic jack after moving into our new office. However we were able to forward all of our magic jack calls to our cell phone for even more convenience! I've also heard they work well over seas, thus my brother that is heading to Afghanistan next month will be getting one as a present from us.

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Skype is already well known for their messaging and video conferencing features. While most people utilize Skype for their free services, the lesser known service Skype offers are their phone services. For $60 a year, Skype offers it's clientele an online number with very few limitations that can be reached using any landline or cell phone. The primary drawback I found was the necessity of being on Skype at all times. This is something I simply was not all that sure we would do. Other than that, however, I have heard pretty solid reviews.


Google Voice Logo - Alternative Phone Services

Although we will have to wait two weeks for it to officially become available, Google Voice by Google is already making waves in phone technology. Google voice offers features including call screening, call blocking, SMS, call placing and taking, phone routing, phone forwarding, voicemail, notifications, share voicemail and more. Be sure to check it out in two weeks!

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