Is Jeff Goldblum Alive?

Black Thursday?

So today is officially going to be coined Black Thursday (at least by the webutante). Two well known entertainers - Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett - have already passed away. Now we have one more question to ponder... What is the status of Jeff Goldblum? Rumors about Jeff Goldblum, a popular actor and entertainer who starred in movies including Jurassic Park and more recently the show Law & Order Criminal Intent, have been circulating indicating that he has now died as well. If this rumor actually proves to be true, I think we may have a "Black Thursday" on our hands. Although ,I can not seem to find any confirmed resources with this information on the potential death of Jeff Goldblum. Thus, only time, and technology will tell.

If anyone has any additional information regarding the latest "Black Thursday" developments, be sure to pass it on.

UPDATE: Jeff Goldblum is not dead! Apparently, Twitter seems to have spurred a few culprits in this depressing day in Hollywood history. No more rumors, please. He is alive. Let's reserve Black Thursday for Farrah and Michael. RIP.

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