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Personally, I will admit I tend to be a facebook junkie. No, I am not one of those annoying people who sign up for all sorts of random apps and overwhelm your home screen with invites (no, I do NOT want to start having mafia wars with you. Why do I always get that?) But I love posting pictures, writing on walls, and, of course, regular facebook stalking.

Deep down, however, I think everyone who signed up on facebook during the time when it was reserved strictly for students... the time when facebook did not own all images you upload... the days when you could still scoff at MySpace users for their utter lack of social networking sophistication and overwhelmingly distracting profiles.... sometimes miss the good ol' days. In honor and appreciation of Mark Zuckerberg's original vision of facebook, yet without complete disappreciation of the new version, check out the video below.

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