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This months batch of News, Tools & Resources

Here are some of the great news and resources I found over the past month. Some of them will really come in handy for you guys when it comes to designing and/or developing.

Tools & Resources
  • Helllllo Firefox add-ons. Six Revisions certainly does not let down in their new post Top 20 Essential Firefox Add-ons for Web Designers. While the classic Web Developer toolbar will always reign, Six Revisions shows us numerous other beneficial tools for making a web designers life easier that you will not regret downloading. IE Tab anyone?
  • 2 Experts Design blog has gathered24 Creative and Beautiful Logo Designs for designers to reference during logo design. What I really like about this resource is the wide variety of branding that is presented. It will really get the wheels turning.
  • For more logo guidance, be sure to check out 16 Logo Design Processes Of Top Logo Designers from Pixelactic.
  • Logo Design Steps Article
  • For some guidance on what design elements will be prevalent on the web in the next year, check out Web Design Ledger's Web Design Trends for 2010. The examples that are featured are really useful.
  • Spice up your office with some ofthese bold office design ideas gathered by the Modern Office Furniture Design Blog.
  • Modern Furniture Design Modern Furniture Design
  • Noupe knows it is all about the effects when it comes to creating a memorable design. Their recent post features 53 Killer Photoshop Illustrator Effects and Tutorials that will not let you down.
  • Into programming at all? Check out OpenSourceCMS.com , which provides a user demo so you can make an informed decision regarding the CMS system best suits your needs without having to go through the tedious process of installing multiple systems only to find they don't do what you require.
  • Trying to learn programming at all? Then check out PHP Scripts to learn PHP programming and download original PHP scripts

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