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So I'm finally back from my fun-filled Atlanta vaca, and it's time for blog updates! Due to my lack of posts during vacation, I thought I'd throw a couple of good resources your way to make up for my absence. Today's resources are for both designers and developers, and coverage will focus on the best design galleries (primarily web, but a few cover a more expansive range of design). If you would like to add any websites you think are notable, feel free to post comments and I will update the info asap.

  • The Best Designs recognizes the best CSS and Flash websites from around the world. This website is reliably updated (every weekday) and uses keywords to categorize the website type, offering excellent utility when you need style-specific design inspiration or motivation.
  • With nearly 13,000 websites to sift through, CSS Mania is an excellent resource for web designers and CSS enthusiasts, and is probably one of the best web 2.0 resource out of all of the websites I post (excluding the fifth post). Although it does lack thorough descriptions, it's images reveal the style and type of the website on their own which allows readers to click only on relevant sites.
  • Best Web Gallery is an inspirational gallery website featuring a wide range of quality design websites (Flash & CSS). A notable feature is its istockphoto-esque hover viewing appeal.
  • One of my personal faves, Faveup provides a simplistic but useful gallery of inspirational designs. What I like about Faveup is it's variety, featuring business cards along with Flash/CSS designs, and it's permalinks are a gift any designer can appreciate.
  • The CSS Zen Garden aims to inspire, excite, and encourage participation in pure CSS-driven designs. Offering impressive designer CSS showcases, CSS Zen Garden appeals to the beauty of standards based, clean coded websites.
  • Tag Society is a criterion-based network of quality websites organized by their respective tags. The impressive aspect of tag society is its vast collection of websites in addition to the ease of searching for type/style specific sites.
  • Website Design Awards is a clean-cut Flash/CSS design showcase with a ratings system that makes this site especially fun. One drawback: it's difficult to figure out what website style/type you are clicking on as there is no description and the preview contains such a small portion of the design.
  • Design Licks boasts a neat collection of top web design picks displayed in a flashy (but still subtle) manner. The 'Site of the Day' feature is the aspect that truly sets this website apart from its competition.
  • Finally, Type Sites is a website showcase updated weekly that emphasizes the beauty of typographic design. In addition to its narrowed focus on typography, Type Sites is also set apart by its informative commentary that guides readers through the art of typography and how it is successfully used on various sites.

Other notables:

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10 Reasons to Start a Company

The Advantages of Being Driven

Today I'm going to offer some motivation to anyone who has pondered beginning their own company but has yet to get on it.

  1. You can be your own boss... and, let's face it, your present boss sucks!
  2. Creative Freedom
  3. Owning your own company offers a large degree of Self Gratification.
  4. Watching other successful moguls and entrepreneurs is inspiring.
  5. You can do it your way.
  6. You get to choose your own title. I prefer: 'Kaylee Walters, Entrepreneur'
  7. Because it's worth the effort. At least you can say you tried.
  8. Your in desperate need of something to be passionate about
  9. Deep down, everyone wants to own an island like Richard Branson.
  10. Because you can. Isn't that a good enough reason alone?

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"It's the meta-data."

My American Idol

If you know me at all, you would know that my obsession with Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs, is a noteworthy element of my life. He is, after all, the Brett Favre (in his Packer days, of course) of Apple. He is the fire of inspiration burning behind every iPhone, PowerBook, and iTunes download. And I shall be anguished during his leave of absence from the company

Apple CEO Steve Jobs for President T-Shirt

This was why I was so stoked to see a great article on Marketing Nirvana regarding the Top Ten Steve Jobs Quotes. Although I could definitely add a few more (namely from his Stanford Commencement Speech), I think the article offers a pretty decent selection. Even if you are not a SJ fanatic, as I am, you can definitely pick up some great inspiration from these quotes, if nothing else.

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